Frequently Asked Questions

How common is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is an important and quickly growing component of healthcare delivery in the United States.  More than 35 million Telemedicine visits were conducted in 2018.

Why use WhatsUpDocConnect?

Compared to the alternatives of Urgent Care Clinics and Emergency Rooms, we believe that once you use WhatsUpDocConnect, you will join many of our Members who say— “Once you use WhatsUpDocConnect, there is no alternative.”

-Stay in control of your health
-Take less time off from work or school
-Skip the waiting room
-Ditch the drive (no travel)
-It’s the smart way, not the subway

Is it truly unlimited doctor visits?


How many family members are included in the Family Plan?

The primary member and 6 immediate family members or household members at the same address will have access to the services. If your family has more than 6 people living in one household, please contact a customer care representative.

Can I switch plans between Single and Family?

Yes. At any point, you may decide to change your plan from a Single to a Family, or the other way around.

Do I have to enter into a long term contract?

No.  Membership subscriptions are renewed monthly. Cancel anytime, and you will not be charged for any additional months. 

Are there per-use fees?

No. There are no per-use fees. Your monthly membership includes all services for the plan that you select. 

What types of payment do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club.

You may also pay using your HSA or FSA debit card, as long as it has a VISA or MasterCard logo.

Can I use my health insurance to pay for my membership?

No. We do not accept payments from health insurance companies.

We don’t charge per-visit fees or ‘collect co-pays’. Your doctor visit services are covered by your monthly membership fees which entitles you to unlimited doctor visits and consultations.

Do I need to create an account with WhatsUpDocConnect before I can have a doctor visit?

Yes. You must be a Member in order to have a doctor visit using WhatsUpDocConnect. The membership creation process is simple and takes just a moment. The minimum membership period is one month. 

Can I message a doctor if I just have questions?

Yes. Doctors are available 24/7 365 (using the message feature in your Health Dashboard) to respond to your medical related questions.

Is it truly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?

 Yes. Licensed doctors in your state are available to provide you with telemedicine services at any time.

How long does it take for a doctor to respond?

Doctors typically respond within 20 minutes. However, you are guaranteed to have a doctor respond within 2 hours. You can also schedule an appointment at a time you specify (Check your Health Dashboard for details).

Can I get a prescription?

Yes. However, it's up to the responding doctor to recommend the best treatment. If appropriate, the responding doctor will submit your prescription directly to the pharmacy of your choice. Doctors will not issue prescriptions for substances controlled by the DEA and certain other drugs which in the responding doctors' opinion may be harmful because of their potential for abuse. These include, but are not limited to, antidepressant drugs such as Cymbalta, Prozac, Zoloft as well as Percocet, Oxycodone. Non-therapeutic drugs such as Viagra and Cialis will not be prescribed.

Please note:

- Online prescriptions will only be issued when indicated and approved by a physician, and as
permitted by law in your state.

- is not a drug fulfillment warehouse. In the event
a physician does prescribe medication, he/she will usually limit the supply to no more than thirty
days. If you have a chronic illness you should visit your primary care physicians or other specialists
for extended care.

How are prescriptions sent to the pharmacy?

If the responding doctor prescribes medication, the prescription is submitted electronically or by phone to the pharmacy of the member's choice.

Is the service available in all 50 states?

Yes, service is available in all 50 states, including the District of Columbia.  Service is not available outside the United States, and is not available in Puerto Rico, or US Virgin Islands.

Can I see a doctor online if I am traveling or in another state?

Yes. Just select the state you’re in when prompted for your location. . Doctor visits via WhatsUpDocConnect are available nationwide.

Can I get a sick-slips or back to work/school documents?

You may be able to receive simple forms like sick slips or back to work/school documents as clinically appropriate at the discretion of the responding doctor.

You will not be able to receive more substantial documents like FMLA forms, disability forms or handicap/DMV documents as these documents are outside the scope of a telemedicine visit.

Are the doctors licensed medical doctors in the US?

Yes. Members talk to actual doctors who are state-licensed family practitioners, primary care physicians, internists and pediatricians. When members request a consult, they will be connected with a doctor licensed and practicing in their state.

Can I establish a long term relationship with the responding doctor?

No, Your membership is not intended to replace your primary care physician.

Can I be turned down for a pre-existing condition?

 No. Members are not turned away because of pre-existing conditions. WhatsUpDocConnect is not insurance.

What type of doctor or specialist can I speak with? 

State-licensed family practitioners, primary care physicians, internists and pediatricians. The responding doctor may also provide guidance on the type of specialist a member should see.

Do I have access to my electronic health record?

We take your privacy and the security of your personal health information very seriously.

Although our services are not insurance, they are subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) that was passed by Congress in 1996.  In order to maintain HIPAA compliance your personal health information (PHI) is data encrypted to protect your personal health information in accordance with HIPAA regulations.

Our Electronic Health Record system is a powerful, HIPAA compliant feature that centralizes and simplifies your health care management. Before consulting with a physician, we require that our members complete a comprehensive medical history profile. The information submitted to each profile is secure and confidential, and is automatically filed as a permanent part of the member’s electronic health record and is available to be updated by the member at any time.

Prior to every diagnostic medical consultation, the automated system will ask the member if there are any changes or updates to the medical history that is on file. The detailed medical history is similar to the information an individual provides during his or her office visit to a primary care physician, including past medical history, previously diagnosed conditions, current medications, and allergies.

The consulting physician reviews the medical history that is provided by the member, and any other relevant information stored in the member’s HIPAA-compliant electronic health record.

Each and every one of your consultations, along with the doctor’s notes and follow up discussions with you, will be recorded and saved to your e-health record online in your Health Dashboard.  You can share your record with your primary care physician, ensuring proper documentation, transferability, and continuity of care. Each time you log in, you’ll have complete access to detailed records of every physician encounter you’ve ever had with

How simple is our telemedicine technology to use?

Very simple!  You can call by regular (landline) telephone, cell phone, smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. You can have a video consult using your computer or mobile device. Please note that at the moment video consults are not supported on Apple mobile devices (iPhone/iPad). All desktop and laptops are supported for video calls including Apple/Mac/Windows desktop computers and laptops.

What if I’m not good at technology but I want to use my smart phone or computer?

Just because it’s online, doesn’t mean it’s complicated or tech-y. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. 

Some of our Members say ‘It’s easier than placing an order on Amazon, and definitely easier than navigating online movie services like Netflix and Prime.” With a few clicks…  you’re getting your questions answered by a US doctor licensed in your state twenty four hours a day three hundred sixty five days a year. WhatsUpDocConnect telemedicine is for everyone.

Why doesn’t my Redemption Code work?

Redemption Codes have specific restrictions. Please refer to the source of your Redemption Code for details.

Is the service for emergency situations?

 No, Only use the service for non-emergency medical issues. Members should not use it if they are experiencing a medical emergency. Call 911 if you are having a medical emergency. 

Don’t see your question? 

Speak to one of our Member Care Representatives. We are available to take your call and answer your questions 24/7.  Call 800-362-6535 to reach one of our delightful Member Care Representatives. 

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