What is Telemedicine?

and why is it so popular?

doctors in 1925 using telemedicine to diagnose a patient using radio technology

Nearly any services you can get at an urgent care clinic, you can also receive through telemedicine/telehealth - and then some.

What started as a way to reach patients in remote locations has evolved into a popular affordable solution for everyone. The ever-rising healthcare costs that are so draining have become compounded by unclear healthcare plans, cost, and qualifications for particular healthcare plans. In fact, even if you have health insurance, another reason why telemedicine is preferred is because you don't have to take the time to travel to an urgent care clinic or doctor's office. Of course, you may have a co-pay per visit (out-of-pocket required expense). The whole event becomes offensive, expensive and very inconvenient.

It's 2020 and technology is advancing more quickly than ever before. Just a few years ago getting a taxi or ordering groceries online and having them delivered was somewhat revolutionary.

When it comes to healthcare, technology is getting smarter every day. Some of our members say, "Telemedicine is the Uber or Lyft for doctor visits". Use of mobile technology has become routine in our daily lives, as over 75% of Americans use a smartphone and 50% use a tablet, according to the Pew Research Center.

retro science newspaper article telemedicine history

Telemedicine Concept Idea circa 1925

Telemedicine is a simple and effective option:

Book an Appointment

You have complete control over your own schedule and needs, whether you want an immediate doctor visit or you want to plan ahead. Scheduling an appointment for after work or school is particularly convenient. 

Have Your Doctor Visit

Whether it's by phone or video call your doctor visit will generally last about 15 minutes, however you will not be rushed or incur additional charges if it takes longer. At the conclusion of your doctor visit you will receive your personal treatment plan. Your doctor may also prescribe any necessary medications

Pick Up Your Prescriptions

If your responding doctor recommends a prescription it will be sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choice. You can pick up your prescription at your convenience, or many pharmacies will deliver your prescription directly to you.

Technically, Telemedicine/Telehealth refers to remote healthcare services that utilize the Internet or telecommunications to facilitate healthcare without an in-person visit. These services are conducted via secure video and audio connections between you and the doctor using your phone, mobile device or computer.

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